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Elemental AKL 2023: Jessabel's Feast

Elemental AKL 2023: Jessabel's Feast

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*Please make bookings under the same name or contact us if you would like to request being seated together*

Contact if you have any further queries.

Tickets include a welcome drink, a full course meal, and entertainment.

Jessabel's Feast: Nanam Eatery, 178 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

Feasts of Legends #1 : The Living Legends Jessabel's Feast, Nanam Eatery

Part one of a tasteful four-part series of immersive food events, The Living Legends series seeks to highlight a range of cuisines from around the globe with diners invited to linger over their meals, finding meaning in each morsel.

Following the runaway success of last year’s Feast of Legends, 2023 will focus on ‘Living Legends’, talented chefs who bring authenticity to each dish they serve. 

Across four distinct events, guests will learn as they sample the dishes of specific cultures and regions.

For Jessabel's Feast, traditional and contemporary variations of timeless favourites will be served as Jessabel Granada shares details of her journey, and talks about how she infuses traditional Filipino cuisine into contemporary dishes.

Serving up a carefully curated menu, Jessabel will not only explain the distinct flavours and narratives that make each dish resonate she will share personal stories from her life, offering diners a more profound dining experience.

For added flavour, Jessabel's Feast will be served  with music, dance and storytelling to shine a light on Filipino culture, history and tradition.

Feasts of Legends: The Living Legends promises stunning dishes while simultaneously promoting diversity and inclusion through food. 

Suitable for all ages. Tickets include a welcome drink, a full meal, and entertainment.

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